workforcePrescott and Yavapai County are growing. This population growth feeds the area’s workforce of 96,606 (12/15). The County’s unemployment rate stands at 4.9 percent (9/16) while the same figure for the City of Prescott is 5.4 percent. More than 5,100 people in the Prescott MSA are looking for work. Analysis also shows that the total available workforce (including those deemed underemployed) for new and expanding employers is more than 13,600.  Specific to the underemployed workforce, research shows the following:


  • Nearly 50 percent are seeking wages of $12.00 to $15.99 per hour
  • Average age of 41 years of age
  • 46 percent have some college/no degree
  • 26 percent have a Vocational or Associate Degree
  • 17 percent have a B.A. Degree or better
  • 29 percent are employed in manufacturing or distribution occupations
  • 28 percent are employed in maintenance/repair & other trade occupations

Source: Quad-City, AZ Area Labor Availability Report, The Pathfinders, 2013 and AZ Office of Employment and Population Statistics, 2014